Mark E. Benno


Delve into this richly humorous and epic story of a pampered Englishman’s unexpected voyage. Young Mr. Edward Pamprill believes he is about to attend a masquerade ball; his cunning father thinks otherwise. When his father (the lecherous Baron Pamprill) arranges for Edward’s abduction and removal to a British man-of-war, the reader will enjoy a firsthand view of life aboard a fighting ship during the Napoleonic Wars.

Styled along the weekly adventures often featured in eighteenth-century gazettes, this novel is part magical history tour and part loving send-up of a genre that has enthralled readers for ages. It contains a subtle mix of farce, action, romance, and humor that will trigger one unavoidable impulse: to turn the page.

1805 is often regarded as the birth year of the modern world. Experience the events which unfolded during that remarkable year through the eyes of a young man who managed to both tweak Napoleon’s nose and get the girl.

“Mark E. Benno’s cheerful, delightful throwback of a novel is subtitled The Adventures of Mister Edward Pamprill, and that is exactly what Benno’s readers get in the ensuing pages.”

—Steve Donoghue, Reviews Editor, Historical Novel Society Reviews Online

Events & Appearances

Wisconsin Book Festival October 24, 2015 10:30 a.m. Madison Central Library

Mark Benno reads from This Wonderful Year.


About Mark

Mark Benno graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a BA in Writing. After many years managing bookstores, he is currently an administrator for Madison Public Library.  This Wonderful Year is his first novel, and he is hard at work on the sequel.